2016 Kia Soul comparison Boucher Kia Milwaukee, WI
2016 Kia Soul 2016 Honda FIT
$15,690 MSRP $15,890
24.2 Cubic Feet Cargo Volume 16.6 Cubic Feet
24 City/ 30 Highway MPG 29 City/ 37 Highway
FelxSteer with 3 Drive Modes Drive Modes Available Sport and Dual-Mode

2016 Kia Soul vs 2016 Honda FIT

2016 Kia Soul black Boucher Kia Milwaukee, WI

When buying a new vehicle we know you always look at more than just what looks good. Choosing a car based solely on color or body style is just not a practical way to make such a big ticket purchase. As such, we've researched two fuel efficient vehicles and compared the features of each. For your convenience we compared the specifications of the 2016 Kia Soul vs 2016 Honda FIT.

Beyond the electric color options and innovative body styles, both the 2016 Soul and FIT are sold at fairly reasonable prices. The 2016 Soul has a slightly lower MSRP of $15,690 and overall gives you more for your money. Though the fuel economy is less than that of the Honda FIT that averages 29 city/ 37 highway MPG, its estimated 24 city/ 30 highway MPG is still an impressive level of efficiency.

Enjoy the Conveniences of the 2016 Soul

As a functional and efficient vehicle, the 2016 Soul offers 7.6 cubic feet more than the FIT in terms of cargo space. That doesn’t include the passenger volume of vehicles where the Soul out numbers the FIT again having 101 cubic feet of space, the FIT only having 95.7 cubic feet. Space aside, a benefit enjoyed by both Kia and FIT drivers is wireless connectivity. Both vehicles come standard with Bluetooth technology for hands-free communication and control.

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2016 Kia Soul interior volume Boucher Kia Milwaukee, WI